Welcome to my website!
My name is Chani Raichik.
Since young I was fascinated by graphics and the different possibilities for creating beautiful designs and layout.
While still in school I would help my family by creating flyers and posters to promote their work.
My first published work was our seminary yearbook, which we made to resemble a popular magazine. I greatly enjoyed designing it and wished I had the tools to take it a notch higher. That’s when I decided to take graphic designing a step further.
To act on my decision I took a complete course covering computer graphics, graphic design, and later, web design. All this while working as a Judaic studies teacher and building my family.
As a mom of three active and rumbustious boys, when I turn to design I zone out and get completely immersed in it. I love the feeling of a blank page and its endless possibilities and then the excitement when I turn it into a beautiful and pleasing design.

Chani Raichik